Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes, 25 Count Pack



PACKAGE TYPE:  25 Wipe Count, Soft-Pack Bag with Plastic Lid Closure.

The 25 wipe count soft pack bag with plastic lid closure keeps wipes moist until the last one is used. The multi-functional hole at the top of the bag serves as a carrying handle, hook, and/or clips onto carabiners that conveniently hang from buckets, work belts, and bags for easy access.



Made for the trades yet gentle and safe to use anywhere to clean the toughest substances from hands commonly encountered at HOME, at WORK, at PLAY when Soap & Water are not around.

  • ANTIBACTERIAL ~ Kills 99.9% of Germs
  • CLEANS ~ Grease, Oil, Paint, Tar, Caulk, Grout, Drywall Mud, & then some! 
  • SOFTENS HANDS ~ With Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, & Lanolin



  • Tool & Tackle Boxes
  • Paint & Garden Caddies
  • Backpacks & Sports Bags



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