A wipe made for everyday grime

We know you love what you do.  But let's face it, whether you're a DIY'r,

bringing home the bacon, or enjoying the great outdoors, your hands are getting dirty.

That's okay because you can take Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes 

with you wherever Soap & Water are not around.

So whatever your thing is, wherever you go, keep doing it!

Grease, Oil, Lubricants, & Anti-Seize

Spending a ton on messy shop rags and hand cleaning goop to try and clean hands after working on cars, motorcycles, trucks, or bikes?  Whether you're a professional or hobbyist, save time & money by using Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes instead.

Caulk, Sealants, Resins, & Adhesives

Whether your project calls for caulking, sealants, epoxy resins, adhesives, gasket cement, or other harsh substances, keep Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes nearby for quick removal so you can move on to the next task!

Spray Insulation Foam

Forget to wear your gloves?  Spray Insulation Foam is almost near impossible to remove from hands.  That's why you should always have Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes on all your jobs and projects.  It just may save the day!

Paints, Primers, & Stains

Whether you're a professional painter or DIY'r tackling projects at home, use Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes to remove just about any type of Paint from hands, including Acrylic, Latex, Oil-Based, Stains, Spray Paints and Primers.

Drywall Mud, Plaster, & Stucco

No matter how hard your hands work or what type of stubborn grime they encounter, keep Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes close by to remove it.

Grout, Floor Sealants, & Harsh Cleaners

Your hand cleaner doesn't have to work as hard as you do!  Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes clean hands after every job and project.  Enjoy the added benefits of 3 nurturing moisturizers; Aloe Vera, Vitamin E & Lanolin to SOFTEN your hard-working hands.

Mortar & Cement

Hard-working hands don't have to feel hard too! Working daily with mortar and cement can be drying on your hands, especially those that encounter it daily at WORK.  Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes not only CLEANS Tough Grime embedded on hands, calluses, cuticles, and nail beds, but SOFTENS them with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, & Lanolin.

Icky PIC (Plastic Insulated Cables)

Electricians find themselves in a sticky situation almost daily when working with Icky PIC, aka Plastic Insulated Cables until now.  Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes cleans it right up so you can finish what you started.

Tar, Asphalt, Bitumen

If paving roads or roofing is your thing, keep Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes on the truck to remove tar, bitumen, asphalt and other gooey messes your hands encounter.

Pine Tar, Mulch Dyes, Fertilizer

Landscapers hands encounter a multitude of substances.  Whether it's hard to remove  mulch dyes, sticky pine tar, or strong smelling fertilizer, Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes will tackle 'em all!

Arts, Crafts, Hobbies

You've got something Picasso & Monet never had....Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes.  Store 'em on craft tables and workshops and keep making the world more beautiful.

On the GO!

Don't get caught without Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes where Soap & Water are not around~  they go wherever you go.  Keep a pack in the car, on the boat, in the camper, in sports bags & back packs so you can keep going!