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Customer Account | Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Wet Wipes

What is a Customer Account?

Customer Account is a place where the identity of the customer is stored, including order history, current order status and address.  This information is  pre-filled from the stored information at checkout.  Accounts are optional and are created manually by the customer. 

How do I create a Customer Account?

A Customer can create an Account at checkout or by clicking on the Account Login icon located left of the search icon in the upper, right hand corner of the webpage.  The account is set up with an email and password provided by the customer.  Once the account is established, and are logged in, the account icon will be replaced with the words "MY ACCOUNT".  

How can I log into my Customer Account?

To log into an existing Customer Account, click on the Account Icon or "MY ACCOUNT" in the upper, right corner of the home page, left of the search icon.  You will need to enter the same email and password used to establish the account.  If either are forgotten, follow the options from the login screen to retrieve and reset them.