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Reinventing hand wipes with one purpose

From day one, Grime STOPPERS® was founded with one purpose;   

to offer dirty hands a superior hand wipe better than anyone else. 

Here's our story...


"We" researched, tested, and revised the formula over and over until the combined effectiveness of the cleaning, scent, and moisturizing elements were superior.

And yes, "WE" tested it. We vowed not to place claims on labels that we didn't test ourselves first.


What you do matters and the last thing you want is to be STOPPED from doing so because you get sick.

Let's face it, germs are everywhere you go, but Soap & Water are not.  That's why we made the Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes formula with a germ fighting Antibacterial.

So whether you're at HOME, at WORK, atPLAY take Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes with you wherever you go & keep going!


Especially formulated for the trades to effectively remove tough, stubborn grime from hands encountered daily at WORK, yet safe & gentle to use at HOME and atPLAY when Soap & Water are not around.

Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes offers the power of "REAL" clean removing these and other substances from hard-working hands;

•Grease  •Oil  •Paints  •Tar  •Caulk  •Grout  •Inks •Epoxies •Drywall Mud  •Adhesives  & then some!


Just because your hands work hard doesn't mean they have to feel hard too!

That's why we made Grime STOPPERS® Heavy Duty Hand Wipes not with 1, but 3 nurturing moisturizers including; Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, & Lanolin to soften hard-working hands.

In addition, the formula is non-greasy and has a light, fresh, clean scent.


Creating a superior hand wipe was not going to happen with a formula alone.

We would not settle with the same, dual-textured cloth used by ordinary wipes.

And so, the original hand wipe with Micro-Power Beads™ was born.

. . . the rest is history.

MICRO-POWER BEADS loosens & traps stubborn grime embedded in calluses, cuticles, and nails on hard-working hands without scratching. 

XL CLOTH (10.63"x 8.19") is larger than ordinary wipes. Use less, spend less!

PRECISELY PRE-MOISTENED for "REAL" cleaning power. Not too wet.  Not too dry.

THICKER & STRONGER compared to ordinary wipes. Absorbs & wipes grime away without falling apart. Made to last until the job is done!


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